Art Journal Club

  • What is Art Journaling?
    • "An art journal, or artist’s journal, is a book kept by an artist as a visual, and sometimes verbal, record of her thoughts and ideas.  Art journals generally combine visual journaling and writing, to create finished pages. Every imaginable style, media and technique is used by art journalists. When it comes to the types of work represented in artist journals, there really aren’t any rules, and each book is as unique as the artist who created it."
  • When does Art Journal Club Meet?
    • Art Journal Club will meet two times a month at The Art Factory. Toward the beginning of the month then again at then end. So just in case you can't attend one maybe you can attend the other! Check our Facebook Group for meeting dates.
  • Why should I come to Art Journal Club?
    • Each class you attend earns you a punch on your Art Journal Club Punch Card, build up your punches and earn FREE gifts!
  • Does it cost to attend Art Journal Club?
    • Yes, it cost $5 per class (tax included!)
  • What will we do at Art Journal Club?
    • We will share techniques and inspiration and so much more! Check our Facebook group to see more of what we do and to get prompts for your journal!

Join Art Journal Club!

Join our Group on Facebook and learn more about what we do and when classes are!